About me

Born in Sydney, Australia, I have lived in several places throughout my life. I attended primary school in Fiji for almost a year in the '70s, lived in two places in Geelong, Victoria, lived on a farm in Kilmore, lived on Bribie Island in Queensland and then on another farm on the mainland. After boarding school, I moved to Hong Kong and spent nearly 10 years there - apart from a stint in the USA - before moving to Germany.


I've been here so long, I sometimes forget that I'm not German. 


After renovating a house in Mönchengladbach and laying industrial floor coverings, I worked in an advertsing agency in Munich for several years. As my command of the German language grew, I started focusing on translating and copywriting. This led to work relationships with many companies including TUI, Maison Madame, Kempinski and Maritim. These days however, I prefer to be down in my workshop, making a cat tree or fixing a broken tool.